Who are we?

Generation Social Club is a limited edition collection of digital non-fungible artwork based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our aim is to connect people around the word through IRL events, giveaways and exclusive social club perks.

When will you launch?

Our launch is subject to public interest as it is key to making any NFT project a success. If there is not a significant amount of public interest before our expected launch (March 2022), we simply will not launch. This is because in order to complete our roadmap and work towards our company aims, we need aftermarket volume to generate revenue.

What will be the size of the collection?

We are aiming for a collection size of 1000 unique NFT’s. This is so ALL members of the Generation Social Club will receive an invite to our in-person events, its simply not viable to invite 10,000 people to an event.

What are your marketing plans after launch?

We are aiming to be running promotional, influencer and digital marketing on a couple of platforms to maintain interest around our project. A percentage of royalties will be put in a community wallet that will be used for roadmap completion, marketing and giveaways. The greater the royalty volume, the higher the budget.


Our roadmap is simple and concise, with room for progression in the future.